our commitment
to the earth

Earth’s health has been compromised for years by human activity, the cause of climate change, biodiversity decline, global warming and other highly critical situations. While international organizations, States and companies study and implement strategies and set deadlines to reduce emissions and make their respective activities increasingly sustainable, we often forget how real change can come “from below”, putting into practice small but precious daily actions that can, over time, safeguard the environment and the planet that hosts us.

Our contribution to achieving these ambitious goals is concrete:

  • We make wine, oil, pasta, fruit and vegetables on our own farm , offering guests of the winery and the Masseria Celentano farm 0 km products, without using substances and chemicals, harmful to human health and highly polluting.
  • We reduce unnecessary consumption of energy and water both in the cellar and in the farm, avoiding unnecessary waste and at the same time ensuring normal well-being for those who work and live in production realities, also through a geothermal plant installed about ten years ago, one of the few made in Puglia, and the second one in the province of Foggia.
  • We use alternative energy sources as much as possible, investing in the self-production of electricity for self-consumption through the installation of about 140 kw of solar panels on the roofs of the cellar and the farm, and its storage system for night use.
  • We optimize heating / cooling systems, choosing efficient boilers and appliances that are also environmentally friendly.
  • We reduce, reuse and recycle, following the 3Rs rule of sustainability, helping to prevent waste and preserve natural resources. From food to plastic, from clothes to cardboard: recovering materials and objects or reusing leftover food in the kitchen (dogs, cats, chickens of the farm thank us every day) prevents old resources from entering the waste stream, while differentiating waste and recycling it allows waste materials to be converted into other products, thus reducing the use of new resources.
  • We use organic cleaning products: The chemicals contained in some cleaning products are not only harmful to the environment, but also to our health. For this, we choose natural and organic products, or alternatively we resort to the so-called “grandmother’s remedies” to clean the rooms with solutions based on water, vinegar and other natural solvents.
  • We select organic products for the winery and our guests in the farm: plants and trees provide food and oxygen, help purify the air and fight climate change. Choosing organic, natural and 0 km products means protecting the cultivated land and reducing the environmental impact, rewarding natural production.